The use of a helmet, wrist, elbow and knee protection is strongly recommended!

Particularly a helmet is an important safety-feature. A drop on the head can lead to severe and lasting injury, even death! Be smart and wear a good skate helmet.

Participation in the Friday Night Skate is at your own risk.

For your safety and the safety of other skaters

  • Make sure you can brake well.
  • Make sure you are in a good shape.
  • Warn your fellow skaters for potholes, posts and streetcar tracks.
  • Keep to the right and pass skaters on the left.
  • Pay attention to your fellow skaters, adapt your speed, others may be less maneuverable.
  • Keep the group compact, leave no empty space.
  • Follow up on instructions from the volunteers and the tourleader.
  • Give way to blockers and nurses.
  • Warn blockers and nurses in case of an accident.
  • Bring a drink, there’s not always an opportunity to buy one during the stops.
  • Bring lights so you are visible in the dark at the end of the skate.

Relax and enjoy the tour!