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Skate tracks in and around Amsterdam

This page with skate tracks in & around Amsterdam is a result of enthusiastic skaters who have shared their route for this FNS skate track page.

Although we are skating together again on Friday night after that period of keeping distance, you could also roll by yourself with this beautiful weather and on all those beautiful "red skate tracks" (see photo; see where it is?) with clean air and quiet streets.

Question: Save this page and give us feedback as soon as you can. And send this skate tracks page to all your friends who want to roll on their own.

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Skateroutes pagina van de FNS in het Nederlands

The latest skate trail, "30K of perfect tarmac" | By Olaf from Sunday Morning Skate

The skate track, with the appealing name "30K of great surface" has been published on the 26th of April, 2021.

The maker and owner is Olaf de Ven, member of the Sunday Morning Skate. (SMS) (Check link above)

On the right you see an amazing view of the track, made on that same day.

To the "30K of great tarmac in Amsterdam-West and Amsterdamse Bos" skate-track.


The latest skate track OUTSIDE Amsterdam

Name of the track: Bloemendaal-IJmuiden-Amsterdam-Haarlem (52 km)
Impression with photo and video by the maker: Gerard. The skatetrack itself. (overview and download of GPX)

Short and mostly touristic Amsterdam skate tracks

New! "Tower skate track AMS" (21 km, by Philip, passing by towers in he capital.)
Hidden gems of Amsterdam
- 22 km; new touristic skate track by Lex
Java Eiland Zuiderwoude - 26km
Java Eiland Holysloot - 26km
Rondje IJ: Oostveer-Houthavenveer 1 - 16km
Rondje IJ: Oostveer-Houthavenveer 2 - 25km
Rondje IJ: Oranjesluizen-Houthavenveer - 22km
Amsterdam Oost - 16km
Amsterdam Centrum - 27km
Amstelveen Ouder-Amstel - 19km
Amsterdam Nieuw West - 18km
Amsterdam Magere Brug Ouderkerk - 21km
Ookmeer Lijnden Sloten - 20km
To the beach:  Haarlem - Zandvoort - Haarlem (26 km; new track by Gerard.)
Amsterdam Zuid-Oost - 15km
Amsterdam Zuid - 14km
Abcoude Driemond Loenersloot - 23km
Rondje Schiphol - 18km
Voorschoten Stompwijk - 20km
Rondje Almere IJmeerdijk - 27km
Amsterdam Sloterplas Osdorp - 20km
Almere Haven - 23km
Amsterdam IJburg - 16km
Ronde Hoep Abcoude - 28km
Waterland - 40km
Den Haag en duinen - 29km
Koog a.d. Zaan Nauerna - 18km
Westzaan Assendelft - 13km
Haarlemmerliede Santpoort Bloemendaal - 22km

Velserbroek - 17km
Naardermeer - 17km
Zaandam Purmerend - 21km
Purmerend Oosthuizen - 19km
Purmer - 25km
Vondelpark Halfweg - 28km

Skateroutes of Sunday Morning Skate (SMS)

New black ice discovered in the Amsterdamse Bos  - 24 km
Inline skating south of metro Zuid, Amsterdam - 37km

West-Westhaven - 47km
Amstelveen Amstel - 30km
Through and around Haarlem. (23.5 km; new track by Gerard.) 
Bretten-Halfweg-Spaarndam - 39km
Halfweg-Haarlemmerliede-Spaarndam - 27km
Stelling van Amsterdam (westkant) - 38 km
Amstelveen Uithoorn - 46km
Acht over Halfweg - 36km
Amsterdamse Bos-Amstel - 37km
Naar de bron van de Amstel - 57km
Rondom Amsterdam - 88km
Noordzeekanaal - 49km
Langs de Vecht - 44km
Amsterdam Noord-West - 47km
Havens en Dijken - 47km
Assendelft-Krommenie - 34km
Zaandam - 40km
Noord-Zuid Lijn - 44km
Schiphol-Amsterdamse Bos - 39km
Schiphol-Amsterdamse Bos - 39km
Ten zuiden van Mokum - 35km
Stelling van Amsterdam (zuidkant) - 116km
Rondje Markermeer - 151km
Ringvaart Haarlemmermeerpolder - 60km
Amsterdam Noord-Twiske - 42km

Other skatetrails in AMS or its surroundings

From Rembrandtpark in the direction Haarlem and Spaarnwoude - 41km (by Mick)
Parkentour: Vondelpark-Rembrandtpark-Sloterplas - 17 km
Vondelpark-Nieuwe Meer-Schiphol - 20km
Twiske vanaf Amsterdam-Oost - 37km
Amsterdan-Oost-Amstel-Jaap Edenbaan - 16km
Rondje IJburg - 18km
Vondelpark-Zandvoort - 35km
Oostelijk Havengebied met island hopping - 14km
Oostvaardersdijk-Almere - 27km
Stadsroute Amsterdam - 19km
Richting West (heel mooi) - 58km
Weesp-Abcoude-Ouderkerk-Amsterdam - 49km
IJsslmeer-Waterland-Oost-Marken - 53km
IJsselmeer-Waterland-Oost (zonder Marken) - 42km
Zuid-Oost-Bijlmer - 15km
Vondelpark-Amstelveen-Amstel - 37km
Oost-Noord-Broek in Waterland - 34km
Ruigoord route - 27km
Amsterdam-Hoorn - 38km


Highlighted: Almere to Diemerpark | Amsterdam

Traffic light with inline skate in Almere. Photo by + from Jerker Terwisscha
Jerker Terwisscha,  the owner, writes us:
Lovely asphalt. This path also connects well to the bicycle highway from Almere to Amsterdam Southeast. When you follow this cycle path through Almere you will come across this traffic light. Cool! By the way, you largely have priority there and the traffic lights can be counted on one hand. Nowadays in Almere you even have traffic lights that turn green for you if you have installed the app Schwung. That rolls on nicely!

The skate trail Almere - Amsterdam also goes straight through Muiden where there are some pavers. There is an alternative without bricks / cobble stones
, but then you do not go through that beautiful center. After the bridge along the A6 it is nice to hit asphalt. Maybe even explore in advance at the bridge on the side of Almere, if the situation changes there sometimes. The bicycle highway basically follows the track throughout Almere, so it is very easy to navigate. On the other side of Almere, the cycle path turns into the Evenaar and you can also choose to go around the Oostvaardersplassen.

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