This was 2023.... on to 2024


We look back on a wonderful Skate year 2023.

Okay, unfortunately there were few Friday Night Skates in the last quarter due to the weather. We finally had a Santa Skate again since 2018! We also had a beautiful Mid Summer Night Skate to the village pub of Ransdorp.

The new formula 'FNS InstapSkate', every 1st Friday of the month (Apr.-Sep.), has brought in a lot of new faces.

This InstapSkate will be continued next year. With even an extra addition in advance: in collaboration with At SkateShop ThisIsSoul you can work on your technique in advance! More about this at a later time.

Nice that you rode with us recently or perhaps this is your New Year's resolution for 2024. We ride every week in dry weather! In winter a little faster and sometimes a little further. But the InstapSkate is certainly ideal for participating in the FNS for the first time (again).

For now we wish everyone a wonderfully healthy and sporty 2024!!