Already 700 times Skaters through the city!

The Friday Night Skate rode its 700th skate ride through the city on Friday, January 27, 23.

Every Friday evening, provided the road surface is dry, the group starts from the Vondelpark to skate through the city for 2 hours. The concept is simple; Participation is free, registration is not necessary, being able to skate and brake is a must.

Many different routes and theme tours have passed and last summer Friday Night Skate celebrated its 25th anniversary. Alderman for Sports, Mr. Mbarki, gave a speech in advance that evening at 'Het Rondje Benje' in the Vondelpark, where the group still gathered before departure.

The 700th was a cold trip with the theme 'around Schiphol'. After around 24 kilometers of skating, the group was back in Het Vondelpark.