As is known, the Friday Night Skate is organized every week, when the road surface is dry,

A different route every week.

Below you will find a schedule of the THEMA SKATES and the Instapskates* as part of the weekly FNS. All dates are of course subject to change due to weather conditions or organizational reasons.

June 16 or 23 MID SUMMER NIGHT SKATE. This evening we drive an extra long route or maybe 2 routes; first a short one and at 23.59 another one. This will be decided and announced in due course. (date will be chosen at a later time)

7 July 4th Entry-level Skate 21 July THEME FESTIVAL MUSIC SKATE, the route goes through the many Amsterdam parks

August 4 5th Entry-level Skate, THEME AMSTERDAM PRIDE SKATE. The (entry) skate is also suitable for Quads, tonight with Disco music. Do you remember your Disco outfit?! 

September 1, 6th (Last) Entry-level Skate. This FNS is all about the Amsterdam Urban Sports Week. This will be a special edition i.s.w. This is Soul.

October 13 THEME A'DAM MARATHON SKATE, the FNS does (part of) the Marathon route

October 20 THEME ADE SKATE, during this Amsterdam Dance Event Evening we play Dance Classics

October 27 THEME HALLOWEEN SKATE, put on your most scary outfit and have fun

8 /15 /23 Dec THEME SANTA SKATE, Everyone in their best Christmas men's/women's suit or of course your own design. This unique SKATE is not to be missed and does not take place often due to the weather conditions. That is why this year 3 dates (3 opportunities) to increase the chance of 'continuing'

*Entry-level Skate: In the coming summer months, April to September, FNS organizes an FNS 'entry-level skate' on the first Friday of the month. Lower speed, shorter distance. The ideal evening to get acquainted with the Friday Night Skate if you have no experience skating with a group or if you are unsure whether you can keep up with the pace.