As is known, the Friday Night Skate is organized every week, when the road surface is dry,

A different route every week.

Below you will find a schedule of the THEMA SKATES and the Instapskates* as part of the weekly FNS. All dates are of course subject to change due to weather conditions or organizational reasons.

April 5th   1st Entry Skate
May 3rd 2nd Entry Skate
Juni 7th 3rd Entry Skate
June 21st/28th Mid Summer Night Skate    (extra long tour)
July 5th 4th Entry Skate
August 2nd 5th Entry Skate
September 6th 6th Final Entry Skate
September 13th Strava KOM Skate
October 4th Extra Entry Skate (Incase the temperature is above 15 C)
October 18th Theme A'Dam Marathon (Part of the marathon route)
October 25th Theme Halloween Skate
December 13th/20th    Theme Santa Skate

*Entry-level skate: In the coming summer months, April to September, FNS will organize an FNS 'entry-level skate' on the first Friday of the month. Lower speed, shorter distance. The ideal evening to get acquainted with the Friday Night Skate if you have no experience skating with a group or you are unsure whether you can keep up the pace. The entry-level skate is also suitable for quads.

New at the Instapskate in 2024...

If you want to work on your Skate Skills before the start, you are welcome at Skateshop ThisIsSoul at 7:15 PM.

From there you will leave at 7.30 pm under the guidance of experienced skaters for Het Vondelpark and you will receive tips on your skating technique to improve it even further. At approximately 8:15 PM you will be at the starting point of the Friday Night Skate, which departs at 8:30 PM.

What can you expect? Think of:

- how to get over bad surfaces

- different braking techniques

- different stopping techniques

- different falling techniques.