25 Years of FNS - Gala Skate

Friday Night Skate Amsterdam (FNS) celebrates 25 years of FREEDOM, FUN, DIVERSITY, ACCEPTANCE and just a bit of CRAZINESS on skates!

Friday, July 8th 2022 FNS celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Many skaters and interested parties were present: founders, (former) volunteers, experienced but also new participants, local media and also the Alderman for Sport of the Municipality of Amsterdam, everyone is present!

Do you want to reminisce, you can!

For example with the photos of Ronald Schoots, the FNS house photographer:

AT5 was present and made this report:

Some Skaters also made a movie:

Martin:          Youtube - Martin

Gerard:          Youtube - Gerard

Jan Bart:       Youtube - Jan Bart

Taxi1108:     Youtube - Taxi1108

Do you also want to share your photos or video with us? Please, send an email to fridaynightskate@hotmail.com. Thank you in advance.