FNS postponed, Santa skate 2021 cancelled

Hi Skaters,

After the press conference of Friday 12 November, we initially wanted to continue the FNS as an outdoor sport activity.

However, now that test streets are becoming overloaded, GGDs are no longer accessible and hospitals are running at maximum occupation, it has unfortunately been decided to suspend the FNS again.

The Corona measures announced last week apply until December 19. This means a line through the Santa Skate of December 10, but the 17th is not an option either. The week after it's Christmas Eve December 24th and the week after that it's New Year's Eve December 31st. So unfortunately no more Friday Night Skate in 2021. Let's bet that we can start 2022 better. In the meantime, stay healthy, and take care of each other.

On behalf of the FNS board, with kind regards,