Update Corona Virus july 1 2020

As you may have noticed, the government has recently amended the Corona quarantine rules regarding sports events.
Unfortunately, based upon the motivation below, we don’t see any options to responsibly organize the FNS yet.
The primary question is whether the FNS would qualify as a ‘Sports Event’, since the new rules clearly apply to sports halls, stadiums and tennis courts etc. and not to sports practiced in the public areas. This means that the FNS could be considered as a festival, which as we all know, are presently still prohibited.
In addition, the 1,5 meter rule constitutes a serious obstacle. Following this rule, will result in a group which is stretched out over a long distance, which might lead to traffic risks, in particular when we are closing gaps at traffic lights. Also, we are not able to guarantee the required 1,5 meters distance from other traffic and bystanders.
Of course, we will closely follow all relevant developments and as soon as the opportunity arises, we’ll organize a joint skate on Friday again.